How Do I Make Banjo, Terry and Byleth Amiibo Cards?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Hoping You Make Cards So There’s More Figures For Him

Making amiibo cards is incredibly easy, so long as you can install an app and you have the right Android phone. There’s nothing special about making these amiibo cards, so if you’ve already made amiibo cards before then you’re good to go. Just get the bin files, and do it the same way you did last time.

If not, then read on.

Amiibo cards are ridiculously simple, and only need a few things:

Tagmo for an Android with NFC functionality

NTAG215 chips, which you can buy through this Amazon Affiliate link: NTAG215 chips

– The bin file of the amiibo cards you want to make

-Whatever decoration you choose to put on it, if any

If you are missing one or more of these items, click their respective link and take the necessary steps to complete that task or purchase. It’s fairly straightforward – just get the app set up, get the chips, and then you can make them.

By the end of this you should have Tagmo functioning properly with the two keys correctly added on, a set of NTAG215 chips (it doesn’t work with anything else), and bin files that you obtained of your own accord. If you don’t understand what bin files are, don’t worry – they’re just the base files of specific amiibo that you’ll put on a chip. Mario has a unique one, Link has a unique one, etc.

1. Tagmo

Install and run Tagmo using the guide linked above. You’re going to need to make sure you have the unfixed-info and locked-secret bin files already loaded into Tagmo – you can download those from that guide.

2. Getting Banjo, Terry and Byleth amiibo bin files

I don’t host bin files, and don’t put them up on other hosts, but I do have directories to people who do. When these bin files get released, the links will be posted here.

3. Making the Amiibo Card

Using Tagmo, Load the bin file that you downloaded so that the name of the amiibo is on the screen. Hold up a blank NTAG215 (you can’t overwrite the character of NTAG215 chips that have a character) to the NFC writer on your phone, and press “Write Tag”. If you’re holding up multiple at a time, be careful – sometimes it writes to ones that you don’t intend for it to.

And that’s it! You have a physical amiibo chip that contains the Banjo, Terry or Byleth amiibo.


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