Is amiibo worth collecting?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Not Going To Answer How You Think

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It’s been seven years since the initial release of amiibo, and most of the 800ish amiibo that have been released will never be reprinted for purchase from stores again. When amiibo are available on shelves, it’s in limited quantities and limited varieties, and there’s usually not much interest in whatever’s left over afterward.

This demands a question: is amiibo still worth collecting when there’s no variety, not much use for them, the fan community offers vastly cheaper alternatives with much better functionality, and the only way to have a “complete” collection of a series is to spend up to thousands of dollars purchasing them from secondhand sellers?

Should you collect amiibo?

Well, no. Not really. If you want to use amiibo in your game, buy something like an AmiiPad controller or a Powersaves for amiibo for maximum cost-effectiveness. If you want to collect something that looks amiibo-y, just buy some amiibo cards from Etsy. There’s really no point in spending the ungodly amounts of money that amiibo requires unless money really is no object to you.


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