What Is the Best Amiibo in Smash Ultimate?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Holy Cow Amiibo Training is Fun

Incineroar, until further notice. In amiibo vs. amiibo combat, Incineroar’s Alolan Whip simply can’t be avoided by the amiibo opponent without rare circumstances (like a stage element getting in the way), and the amiibo only needs three hits to connect to net a KO with most Spirits loadouts.

Here’s the top 10 amiibo in Smash Ultimate, according to the official amiibo tier list. While the order of these rankings will change to a degree, this is basically the 10 best amiibo in Smash Ultimate until new amiibo come along.

  1. Incineroar (U tier – universally banned from every tournament regardless of ruleset)
  2. Bowser (S tier – typically banned)
  3. King K. Rool (A+ or S tier – typically banned)
  4. Terry (A+ or S tier – occasionally banned)
  5. Mii Gunner (A+ tier)
  6. King Dedede (A+ tier)
  7. Ridley (A+ tier)
  8. Ness (A+ or A tier – sometimes banned from Youtuber amiibo tournaments to avoid repetitive content)
  9. Link (A tier)
  10. Byleth (A tier)

If you’re interested in Raid Boss amiibo, that’s a different subject – read this guide to understand how to make the best Raid Boss amiibo out there.


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