What is the Amiiqo/N2 Elite?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Took Five Years to Finally Explain This Thing

Very outdated and useless.

You’re still here? Then I’ll give you a straight answer. The Amiiqo/N2 Elite (they’re the same thing) is the first device that could emulate amiibo. It was basically a flash cartridge for amiibo that was controlled by an Android app or USB writer, much like how the Powersaves for amiibo operates using Powertags, except it can have multiple amiibo bin files.

You’d load amiibo bin files into it through your phone, and then select the one you wanted to use with buttons on the N2 Elite device itself. Then the game would scan it like a real amiibo, and you’d have amiibo functionality. It was an impressive predecessor, and would still be somewhat relevant today if not for one simple reason.

It was hugely expensive. If you’re blessed with an Android phone that could work with N2 Elite, you’d still have to put down $80 just for the N2 Elite device alone. This is ridiculous compared to the $25 cost of a Powersaves for amiibo, or just purchasing NTAG215 chips and using Tagmo on your Android phone to make amiibo yourself.

If you’re shopping around for ways to make or emulate amiibo, skip this one. Even if you have the money, they’re basically not available for sale anymore, and using Powersaves for amiibo is much easier and cheaper.


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