Amiibo University: The Full List of Resources for Amiibo Trainers

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Not Qualified to be a Real Professor…Yet

Over the years, between the Amiibo Doctor website and Youtube channel, I’ve constructed a pretty thorough education on amiibo and amiibo training. While the resources on this website and Youtube channel overall are an immensely deep dive into what amiibo are and how they operate, they’re sometimes not as articulated or educational as they could be. Hence the creation of Amiibo University curriculum.

This is the full list of Amiibo University resources, in the order they should be consumed. The resources spans both the Youtube playlist and the website-exclusive content, so find yourself a comfy chair and some headphones, and get learnin’!

Optional #0: The Four Types of Amiibo

This explains the technology aspects of amiibo, such as bin files, Tagmo, NTAG215 chips and Powersaves. If you’ve already figured out what works for you, move on.

#1. How to Train Amiibo 101

For follow-up material, we’ve done several posts in this vein as well. If you’re brand new to amiibo, read this. If you’ve trained before but want a step-by-step, here’s our general expert guide. And if you have questions about a specific amiibo, see our list of specific training guides.

#2. Answering Typical Amiibo Questions

Many new trainers have lots of questions after watching the above video, so I’ve compiled them into an easily-accessible resource. Skim through this piece if you have questions about amiibo AI and amiibo capabilities.

#3. How Do Amiibo Combo?/Why Hard DK Isn’t That Smart

For a similar but not identical explanation, see our accompanying post here. There’s a bit more nuance and information in the post.

#4. How Do Amiibo Make Decisions?

This is the most in-depth explanation of amiibo fighting AI that has ever been produced. If you’re interested in amiibo AI, you can’t miss this video. It explains so much about the weirdness of amiibo that otherwise is unanswerable.

#5. How to Lab amiibo

If you’re the sort of person who wants to understand exactly what an amiibo is capable of, this video goes further into what subroutines are and how to use them to your advantage. I should warn you – labbing is tedious and only for the most dedicated trainers.

After this, we start to get into the sub-uses of amiibo. I cover Raid Boss amiibo a bit, and the amiibo meta. Everything below this line is optional for competitive amiibo trainers.

#6. How to Train a Raid Boss amiibo

I never officially added this to Amiibo University, but I consider it a useful dive-in to Raid Boss amiibo training. It’ll cover a lot of the same information you saw in Amiibo Training 101 up above, but it delves into Spirits more and you can see the actual process of amiibo training.

#7. The 7 Types of Raid Boss amiibo

There’s a lot of ways to train a Raid Boss amiibo, but most streamers only focus on making the hulkiest tank they can. That’s an awfully boring way to fight an amiibo, so I outlined the other ways to train a Raid Boss amiibo.

I produced an accompanying post with more information on this topic here, which you should read.

#8. The Ladder Method

One of the more unique training methods is that of the Ladder method. I’m a big fan of it, and this video is a solid explanation of Ladder method, so give it a look.

#9. Why Low Tier amiibo Win

I hear on a very regular basis that the amiibo tier list must be wrong because a lower-tier amiibo took a game off a higher-tier amiibo. In fact, I hear a lot of things that indicate a general ignorance of how metagames and amiibo metagames operate.

This post pretty well educates folks on the various factors at play in amiibo competition.


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