Spike’s Trainer Talks- King Of Wario, Fammydamammy

By Spike, Regular Contributor

Welcome to Spike’s Chalk Talks: Talks With Trainers One! Today, we’ll be talking with a beloved trainer, who goes by the name “Fammydamammy”, henceforth known as Fammy. You know him, the man with the dedication to perfect Wario.

Disclaimer: Participants acknowledge that they have not and will not be monetarily compensated for their interview. They also acknowledge that they have chosen to participate and may back out at any time prior to their interview’s publishing. The following has been constructed from an interview taken with the interviewee in advance. Information contained herein may have been rendered obsolete at time of or after publishing. Participants are directly quoted apart from spelling or punctuation errors or instances of conversation about inappropriate topics, including politics, religion, or personal life.

Fammy is marked as “Fammy”, and the interviewer is marked as “S”. Additions not present in the interview are marked within brackets, [like this].

S: How’re you doing?

Fammy: I’m doing fine

S: That’s good.

So, how many “official” [note- within the amiibo community tournaments as marked on the PR] amiibo tournament wins do you have in Ultimate so far?

Fammy: 21 vanilla tournament wins

2 Spirits tournament wins

S: Any non-standard wins? Like SSD [Super Sudden Death], or Stamina?

Fammy: None

S: You amiibo main Wario, right?

Fammy: Yep

S: And just how many have you trained?

Fammy: 274

S: Two hundred seventy four [Wario amiibo]

Are you crazy?

Fammy: I don’t think so

S: I’ll take your word for it

Mind giving a quick summary on how to train Wario?

Fammy: Lots of forward tilt, up smash, up air, and grabs

[Note: Fammy’s official Wario guide can be found at  https://amiibodoctor.com/2020/04/09/how-to-train-wario/ ]

S: What about d[own]smash?

Fammy: Down smash comes out the fastest with a lingering hitbox

S: Is it worth using?

Fammy: Shouldn’t be a focus

Once in a blue moon

S: Good to know

What about the vanilla amiibo meta as a whole? WHo do you see as the top dogs?

Ignoring Bowser and Incin due to bans, of course.

Fammy: I think King K Rool, Mii Gunner, and Ness are the top of themeta

S: Interesting

Do you think Wario’s well positioned?

Fammy: Wario is currently mid-high B tier in my opinion

He can beat some high tiers but then lose to a random low tier like Mr. Game & Watch, Meta Knight, and Peaisy

He has the potential to be B+ but he’s too inconsistent for that at the moment.

[Note- he’s likely correct on Wario’s placement. #54 on the original ANTL (https://amiibodoctor.com/2020/01/08/a-new-tier-list-and-the-reasons-behind-it/) aged hilariously badly, despite ANTL being about to- shameless plug- release its third edition]

S: Which amiibo of yours are you most proud of (specific amiibo, not character)?

[Note- specific amiibo, because I didn’t think that just “Wario” would be fun to dig through all 274 of looking for links if he pointed to a specific Wario bin]

Fammy: Probably FLAVORTOWN [rights of the trademark Flavortown reserved to Guy Fieri and Food Network], my Mii Brawler, since I was the first one to find the optimal playstyle for the character, carrying him from C to B tier on the CTL.

S: Do you have anything non-amiibo related you’d like to share?

Fammy: Not really

S: Any social media/YT/Twitch/website you’d like to promote?

[Note- consider this the interviewees’ compensation, free advertising, yeah?]

Fammy: https://twitter.com/fammydamammy 

S: Alright, thank you for your time!

Fammy: No problem

[Conclude interview]

So, we’ve had this nice interview, yes? Nothing too fancy or elegant for the first time, just a chat with one of the favorite people of the community. Well, first of all, we’ve lined up- so far- about a score of interviews, from pioneers, to streamers and content creators, the top trainers in the scene, some of the hypest guys in the community, and even a few people who make the scene go round.

The next one is scheduled soon, with a somewhat controversial member of the community, but also one of the most active trainers, and a guy who puts his heart and soul into every retrain.

These will be released in blocks. This block consists of some of the most active members of the community and will consist of 5 interviews, feeding into a short second block, a long third block full of content creators, and then a fourth that I don’t know how to hype up yet. You’ll have to use your imagination, but picture something like a giant purple flamingo serving shaved ice on a tropical island somewhere while elephants do acrobatics. That kind of hype. Bit of a psyche (ck? Cike? IDK) there, but hey, imagination.

At least, that’s the idea, but the ninja drops a second hand, and we’ve done it all before. So anyways, there have been way too many disclaimers, but one more because I don’t feel like getting hounded.

Just because I haven’t reached out to you yet doesn’t mean I won’t. If you want to do an interview, let me know and we’ll see. However, keep in mind that I’m processing a lot of these, so I’m likely to turn away somewhere around half or more of you for various reasons.

If I haven’t contacted you about this so far, again, doesn’t mean I won’t. There’s a possibility that I don’t think the community would be super interested right off the bat, and I’m holding off so you don’t have to wait forever, that you aren’t active enough for the article to receive traction, that I don’t think the interview will engage readers at this time, that I already put you on the list of potential interviewees and am waiting to finish this block before asking you, or, flat out, that I forgot about you. Sorry if that’s the case, but if you contact me and you’d be interested but I forgot to ask you, rest assured that you’ll be added.

This interview is exclusive to Amiibo Doctor, and all that jazz. Publishing of this or similar is in direct violation of the DCMA (1998). In short, this is Fammy’s interview, given in confidence and knowledge of where it would go, and reproduction of this interview requires three party consent (publisher, interviewer, interviewee) including Fammy. 

Yay, all of the boring legalities are out of the way!

Oh, I hid a hint about who the next interviewee is in this article. First person to find it and message me with what it is gets a picture of a gold star.

Until next time, so long, and don’t forget-

Never Stop Training.



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